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So Smart.
So Macsa.

Ultra-high-speed laser coding
for your smart packaging

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QR Code

Codes at speeds of 1000m/m.

Creates more than 100 unique QR codes/sec.

Micro precision for Class A high definition QR codes

The only laser capable of what others can only dream of:

Super speed coding

The fastest laser printer in the world with a speed of 1000m/min. Works faster than any production line.

Maximum marking accuracy

High definition markings without loss of quality or problems associated with ink.

Unique serialization at breakneck speed

The only laser in the world that can continuously mark more than 100 unique QR codes per second thanks to its integration with Integra Promo & Serialization software.

Fully integrable

Thanks to its umbilical head, Bidilase can be integrated into any production line.

Gain better consumer insights

Bidilase simplifies serialized coding so you can gain quality insights such as profile, location and time of purchase.


Control over each item produced to provide traceability information to the producer, distributor and consumer.

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A laser like no other
Bidilase is the fastest and most complete solution for packaging digitalisation

Bidilase offers all of the advantages
of Macsa’s laser technology

Clean technology

No consumables
A clean technology that does not produce waste.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly
Does not generate harmful emissions. It is good for the working environment and for the planet.


Allows for a cleaner and healthier workspace.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient
Maximum quality and speed of coding with the right amount of energy.


The most powerful smart packaging solution from Macsa

This process guarantees traceability control of each product unit and also facilitates the engagement and communication between the manufacturer and the final consumer.

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The fastest laser printer
Ultra-high-speed laser coding
Super speed coding laser